Jolynn Oblak Business Strategist and Marketing Consultant

I'm a successful, passionate advocate experienced in community-based program management, with a depth of knowledge in healthcare, managed care, medical device and consumer health

10 Questions Your Marketing Plan Must Answer

Need to know what 10 questions that you need your marketing plan to answer. This is the video that will help you. Go to to get access t...

Jolynn Oblak

View Jolynn Oblak's profile on The Dots. Jolynn is a Head of Consumer Marketing, Product Marketing Manager & Client Program Manager currently based in Pearl River.

Jolynn Oblak - Medium

Read writing from Jolynn Oblak on Medium. Professional problem-solver. I write about adoption & resiliency in the midst of life and career transitions. I tell great story.


Periscope Livestream Training Tools

If you love the new livestream technology by Twitter called Periscope,this is the place to be to get training and tools to use this medium to market your biz!


Website and Landing Page Toolbox

📌 My Toolbox of Resources I recommend to build Website Landing Pages 💻 on a budget

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