Jolynn Oblak - Sales & Marketing Strategist

Jolynn Oblak - Sales & Marketing Strategist

Jolynn Oblak is an independent sales operations, marketing and product strategist who helps web and health technology focused companies optimize their lead generation efforts.

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Jolynn Oblak

View Jolynn Oblak's profile on The Dots. Jolynn is a Head of Marketing, Website Developer & Operations Director currently based in Pearl River.

#TechyTip: How to Bring More Visibility to Your LinkedIn Recommendations

I recently received a glowing recommendation from someone and thought, wow, this is great. I loved working with her. Then, I looked at my LinkedIn profile and had to scroll down ALL the way to the bottom to see it! (Note: LinkedIn can you add this to your list of elements to re-design?)

Startup Founder Recommendation

Kenny Schiff, Founder and Managing Director, CareSight “Jolynn is a welcome part of our expanding team. She has deftly navigated entering our company at a transitional time, and found creative ways to create structure from existing content, while at the same time moving forward on new initiatives...

10 Questions Your Marketing Plan Must Answer

Need to know what 10 questions that you need your marketing plan to answer. This is the video that will help you. Go to to get access t...


Website and Landing Page Toolbox

📌 My Toolbox of Resources I recommend to build Website Landing Pages 💻 on a budget

VP of Marketing Recommendation

Renee Valles, VP of Marketing, Laerdal Medical “ ...Jolynn received an Outstanding Achievement Award for the launch of the product along with the marketing efforts to support our sales teams and financial goals. Jolynn takes a customer-centric approach to her work and the result is evident in the...

Startup CEO Recommendation

Rodrigo Martinez, Startup CEO, “ I launched my startup venture and Jolynn was an early adopter and brand advocate of the #smartlist technology, creating 11 curated content lists in 24 hours! Jolynn skillfully and quickly learned the web tool, took the time to share insights with...

ADA Consultant Recommendation

“With an AMAZING LinkedIn profile and a list of IMPECCABLE recommendations, I am not sure what else I can say about this INCREDIBLE person! Jolynn is my tech go to and the creative genius behind the this is me ADA campaign. She knew EXACTLY what I needed before I could finish the sentence. She ...

Project Manager Recommendation

Eileen Sullivan PMP, CareSight “Jolynn joined our small start-up just as our business starting taking off and we desperately needed help organizing and enhancing our sales operations. She quickly got up to speed on our goals and initiatives. In the past six months she has made great strides in cl...

VP of Sales Recommendation

Rosie Patterson, VP of Sales and Business Dev, Laerdal Medical “I have had the pleasure to work with Jolynn on several occasions. Jolynn always takes initiative, is detail oriented and a great listener. She has a customer focused approach when working on projects. I continue to be impressed with ...

Director of Operations Recommendation

Jeff Rabinowitz, Director of Operations, Radiancy inc. I had worked with Jolynn at Radiancy where she displayed intelligence, passion and creativity in her approach to both the marketing and sales functions. As Radiancy's infrastructure was quite small we worked together on a regular basis; her d...

VP of Communications Recommendation

“Working with Jolynn is a true pleasure. She is very organized, highly motivated, and a true visionary. She is always seeking ways to integrate new technologies, and her inclination to think out-of-the-box has been a real asset to the marketing and communications endeavors at Emeriti. I highly re...


Periscope Livestream Training Tools

If you love the new livestream technology by Twitter called Periscope,this is the place to be to get training and tools to use this medium to market your biz!

Product Manager Recommendation

Debbie Fimple, Healthcare Product Manager, Medical Simulation Corp “I had the pleasure of working with Jolynn on a product distribution partnership between Laerdal and MSC. She brought creativity, keen attention to detail and strong market knowledge to the project, enabling a successful internal ...

Jolynn Oblak - Medium

Read writing from Jolynn Oblak on Medium. Marketing Strategist and Digital Eficiando. I tell a great story. Every day, Jolynn Oblak and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.

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